Board Release - Dino Bernardo resigns as President of the Kamloops Broncos

by Shane Steptoe

Dino Bernardo resigns as President of the Kamloops Broncos

The Kamloops Broncos respectfully accepts the resignation of Dino Bernardo as Team President.

Most sports enthusiasts know that extreme commitment, toughness and dedication are the hallmark of a

quality football player. Few though realize that these same qualities are necessary at the Executive

Level. As President of the Kamloops Broncos, Dino has made an outstanding commitment to

Kamloops Football. His “behind the scenes” dedication to preserving the sport has had far reaching

implications on local, provincial and national levels. Many players would not have moved on to

University level programs had it not been for Dino's relentless mission in keeping the program alive

through very difficult times. Many Kamloops players would not have been introduced to the next level

of post high school competition without Dino's initiative in fund raising, leadership and public rallying.

It is easy to jump on the band wagon of a team that is winning. Dino's unswerving efforts to keep the

Broncos afloat, even through some very trying and challenging times speaks volumes of his love and

dedication to the game. For that, the Kamloops Broncos are extremely indebted. He will always be a

Bronco at heart and we thank him for laying the foundation for the future of the organization.

Based on that foundation, the Board of the Kamloops Broncos is very excited about the upcoming

season. Optimism is very high as the team goes in a new direction and a fresh start. Preparations start

now and the Broncos are set to kick down the barn doors and stampede into the 2019 season!

Kamloops Broncos Board