Football Canada Policy UPDATE on COVID-19

by Jan Antons

Football Canada Policy UPDATE on COVID-19
The Football Canada Board of Directors have voted unanimously to recommend suspension of face-to-face meetings or gatherings, training, practice and play for all members indefinitely due to the issues surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. This reiterates the bulletin and policy position distributed on March 12 to all members and the public. Football Canada continues to monitor the public health situation regarding the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

"We understand the passion and dedication of our athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers," Football Canada President Jim Mullin said. "Based on our Code of Conduct and responsibility to create a safe environment for all participants, Football Canada is suspending activity until further notice. This applies to all members." he said.

"We also encourage non-member stakeholders to consult our policy and suspend activity during this time."

Football Canada will assign staff to work from home rather than the office and placing a work-related air travel ban for staff members until further notice.

Football Canada is responsible for the operation and oversight of national and regional championships for both contact and flag which operate from late June to August. Football Canada understands that information surrounding the Coronavirus is changing rapidly. In conjunction with campus policy where applicable, along with regional and national health authorities Football Canada will:

- Determine the operation of the Annual General Meeting no later than May 1.

- Determine the operation of all tackle/contact competitions no later than May 15.

- Determine the operation of all flag/non-contact competitions no later than June 1.

"We recognize that issues associated with COVID-19 are fluid," Mullin said.

"If the COVID-19 situation in the community stabilizes to our satisfaction before our deadlines we still may have an opportunity to activate our regional and national events. However, we share a situation with many in the sports community where cancelation is a likely course of action."

The likelihood of contracting the virus in Canada continues to remain low according to federal agencies. However, communication from federal sport agencies are inconsistent with policy positions held by regional and public health officials such as social distance. The nature of asymptomatic carriers unknowingly carrying virus onto the field of play and also out to the community is of paramount concern. As well, some provincial agencies have limited the size of gatherings and have extended spring break school closures which has contributed to Football Canada's decision on this issue.

The health and well-being of our football community is Football Canada's top priority. Football Canada will continue to monitor of developments surrounding COVID-19 and provide updates twice a week and when relevant information becomes available at and directly to our members.

More detailed information regarding COVID-19 is available here: prepared.html

For more information for PSOs, please contact:
Shannon Donovan, Executive Director T: (613) 868-1179

For more media inquiries, please contact: Jim Mullin
T: (778) 996-7398
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