by Brian Stanton

The Kamloops Broncos (KB) believe in the importance of team sports and safe play, to develop our athletes and to protect them to pursue their futures—in sports and in life. To that end, KB has engaged Advance Concussion Clinic (ACC), BC’s leader in concussion management, to assist in our pre-season baseline testing and to partner with us in managing concussions according to best practice guidelines. Our partnership with ACC will allow us to better identify and protect athletes who suffer concussions, to support efficient and complete recoveries, and to expedite safe Returns to play.

Through our collaboration, KB athletes will have expedited access to the ACC group-sports team, to provide easy and efficient communication between KB coaching and athletic therapy staff, athletes and their parents. ACC will provide the KB team with guided support from concussion diagnosis to navigating the individual athlete’s concussion recovery, with a focus on protecting our athletes and keeping them in the game. It is our hope that all our athletes and parents will benefit from an improved understanding of concussion, of identifying both the occurrence and its satisfactory resolution, of best-practice management, and of the safest and fastest returns to sport without unnecessary delay.

Looking forward to a successful and healthy season. Let’s Play Hard, Play Safe with the Kamloops Broncos and the Advance Concussion Clinic!

Our athletes’ health and safety is our number one priority.

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Jan Antons
Vice President & General Manager


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