Player Profile Jonaus Levac


Story: Brenden Escott

KAMLOOPS, BC—Jonaus Levac would like to have you believe he’s just a soft-spoken kid from Surrey, B.C., but his play on the football field speaks loud enough for itself.

It all started for Levac in the Lower Mainland when he was approached by a family member after one of his soccer games.

“My cousin introduced me to it about four or five years ago. He came up to me after a game and said ‘come play football’ and I said ‘sure’,” said Levac.

His background in soccer helped lay the foundation for his football career before it had even started, and soon Levac found himself in Kamloops as a punter for the Broncos organization.

“One of my friends, Kaisen [Jones, RB], is on the team and he suggested that instead of going for the [Langley] Rams that I come up here and try it out—see if I liked it—and I said ‘OK, may as well’.“

“[Soccer] helped a lot with finding the sweet spot on the ball. As a punter it’s more like a soccer thing; you have to find where the soft point is on the ball and as soon as you hit it you know if it’s a good kick or a bad kick,” said Levac.

The second year punter/defensive back says that his ability to read plays is his biggest strength as a player.

“My strengths are kicking and intercepting passes and reading if it’s a pass or a run. My weakness would be that I don’t come down the field hard enough when it’s a run.”

Levac could likely attribute learning how to read plays to watching his favorite players growing up, who happen to be two of the best in the business.

“Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson. When I was a little kid, my first time seeing Michael Vick play as a quarterback that’s all I wanted to play and then when I saw him start throwing to DeSean Jackson that’s when I knew I wanted to be a receiver. It just kept going on from there.”

Though the team has decided to use his pass-catching passion on the other side of the ball, he’s transitioned nicely, drawing praise from Broncos team executives.

When his time with the Broncos comes to an end, Levac says he wants to give the CFL a shot before sticking his nose back in the books.

“If I don’t make it then I’m probably going to go back to school and do some trades work—most likely for an electrician.”

No doubt electricity will be in the air when Levac and the rest of the Broncos look to get back in the win column this Saturday, 7 p.m. at Hillside Stadium against the Westshore Rebels.