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Billet and Housing information

Billet Families

One of the many important components that make up a successful football club are the Billets.  These people open there homes to the young athletes, giving them a stable and secure home away from home.  There are many long lasting friendships that develop between players and their billet families.  Athletes who play for the Kamloops Broncos Football Club stay in billets homes during the season, which runs from mid July to the end of October.

Our coaching staff works hard at identifying young men with not only football talent, but long moral and ethical values as well. For the most part, our players are good people and you should expect the players to be respectful and helpful in your presence and in your home.

During the day the players are kept busy with practices and conditioning in the afternoon.

When a player arrives at your home, it is important that they know your house rules.  Clearly define your expectations and ask the player for his expectations of you and your home.

The Billet Coordinators along with the coaching staff try to make the best fit with a family as possible (i.e. kids, pets, allergies, etc.).  It’s a good idea to touch base with the player’s parents and establish a relationship with them to gain an understanding of what should be expected of their son.

IMPORTANT: The key to a successful billeting experience is GOOD COMMUNICATION.  This means with all parties involved; Billets, Players, Parents, Billet Coordinator and Coaches. If problems arise, they should be addressed immediately.  Your first contact should be the Billet Coordinator(s).  The Billet Coordinator will try to resolve the issue quickly and may get the coaches involved if need be.  Please respect this ‘Chain Of Command’ as our coaching staff is usually very busy throughout the year.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Interested in Becoming a Billet Parent?

The Kamloops Broncos strive to provide the best housing possible for all of our players.

We only have a limited number of billet homes available. The majority of our players stay in homes or apartments where they have a landlord/tenancy agreement. It is the player's responsibility to arrange their own housing. The Kamloops Broncos are here to assist players in finding accommodation, but players are NOT placed in housing or billeting automatically. 

Monthly rental payments can range from $800-$900 during the summer season.

In a full billeting setup (limited) the cost is $600/month plus cost of food (directly arranged with the landlord) usually around $200-$300.

All fees are the responsibility of the player and are paid directly to the landlord/home owner.

The "Billeting & Housing" menu on our websites provides resources for players that assist them in finding housing.

The best option for players that are attending TRU in the Fall or Winter is TRU Housing.


Billet Parents must be willing to:

  1. Undergo a criminal record check
  2. Undergo a reference check
  3. Undergo a home inspection (if required)

TRU Housing

TRU Housing

To qualify for the TRU housing you must be enrolled in the 2024/2025 academic semester at TRU.


1) TRU Housing
2) McGill Residence
3) East Village

You can apply for early check-in (move in when main camp starts) but must already be enrolled in the 2024/2025 academic year.


  1.  Visit 
  2. Pick your residence of choice
    1. Pick apply now
    2. This will redirect you to the the appropriate residence page
    3. Click Register and create an account 
    4. Enter your info
    5. Under "Year of study" select "First - Year"
    6. Under "Program" pick the program you are enrolling in
    7. click continue and then "save and continue"
    8. Click "application" at the top of the page
    9. select "new resident"
    10. Pick the "2024-2025" academic year and continue


If you have any questions please contact 

Housing Administrator 

Other Rental Options

Kamloops Rental Properties

Looking for a temporary or permanent place to rent? Check out Columbia property management.